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Spunvertek aims to make water affordable and readily available for farmers and rural communities of Nigeria, as we believe that the country’s future is inherently linked to rural prosperity.

Even if the UN Millennium Development Goal of halving the population without access to drinking water and sanitation by 2015 is achieved, 120 million people in rural Nigeria will still remain without access to sustainable water supply.

Innovative thinking can result not only in preventing the crisis, but also in enhancing economic development and improving living standards at large. At Spunvertek, we believe that an improvement in water productivity and food security can be done through revitalizing irrigation technology, practices and institutions.

Spunvertek operates in high power deficit, diesel dependent, agrarian & poor economic regions of Nigeria. We use solar energy for developing mass irrigation solutions & generate power at point of use. Our solar pumping solutions bring meaningful impact across stakeholders by:

Increasing Farmer’s income manifold
Reducing cost of irrigation by half
Cutting down diesel fuel consumption significantly
Building sustainable and prosperous rural economies
The management team at Spunvertek firmly believes in this vision. They bring strong academic background (Electronics circuit design and peripherals, Microcontroller programming and embedded systems, Project management, Renewable energy technology experts)

About Spunvertek

Spunvertek offers solar-powered water pumping solutions to meet irrigation and drinking water needs in off-grid rural areas. The company offers the entire spectrum of solar pumping solutions, ranging from 0.5 Horse Power (HP) to 25HP, AC & DC solar pumps, Surface and Submersible pumps, across applications such as Irrigation, Drinking water, Aeration & Fisheries. With an installation base spread across 14 states, Spunvertek has impacted over 1,000,000 people in Nigeria

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